Welcome to TRASS - Terrestrial Restoration Action Society of Seychelles
Welcome to TRASS - Terrestrial Restoration Action Society of Seychelles

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TRASS is a not-for-profit organization, based on Praslin island committed to restore degraded ecosystems of Seychelles Islands. We mobilize actions by interested parties for restoration, enhancement, maintenance, and safeguarding of areas especially those affected by namely forest fires.

We work in partnership with private landowners, government, private sector and other NGOs to ensure that degraded lands can be fully restored and become incredible forests that provide habitats, food, natural resources and shelter to wildlife and humans

We are thankful for the kindness of our 300 volunteers.

What our Volunteers are saying

I have been a volunteer with TRASS since its creation and has mobilised over 200 other volunteers to join this wonderful initiative to restore degraded areas on Praslin. I am proud to make a contribution to this work and will remain a volunteer for as long as I can. The work is tough as one has to sometimes climb mountains carrying plants and equipment but it has been a rewarding one. I encourage others to join

Marcus Pierre

It is a wonderful experience to volunteer with TRASS. It feels good to make a contribution to the efforts of restoring degraded areas on Praslin. I endeavour to come as often as I can especially with kids I meet through my work as an education officer. The TRASS team is doing great work and I hope children of Praslin follow in their footsteps

Maria Brioche

I was approached a few years ago to join TRASS as a volunteer by Mr Victorin Laboudallon. I have been involved in numerous planting sessions. Today I am an active volunteer and I take part in most activities including trips to other islands. Volunteering is a rewarding act and I also get to play a part in improving forest ecosystems on my island. I am grateful to Mr Laboudallon for his encouragement and support.

Rosita Rosalie